Solar Batteries & Generators

Solar Batteries & Generators
Solar Back Up Systems provides all homeowners peace of mind in difficult times, being affordable for all qualified homeowners
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Decrease Solar Prices in the last 5 years

Overview of Equipment

Solar power is more versatile than ever and offers a broad range of solutions for modern homes and businesses. Solar batteries and generators provide a backup source of power that can be used when the grid goes down, so your home always has the power it needs.

Mature & reliable design
Highest Power Quality
Maximum Resilience
Superior Power
CO2 avoidance

Solar home battery

Generate, store, use clean and affordable energy on your terms. Solar homes experience independence with our solar financing programs.

Zolarzo have partnered with top notch innovators in Lithium-ion battery technology.


Home back up system

We provide full home back up with Generac or DuroMax Generators. Zolarzo has partnered with the top brands to empower your home in case of a power outage.

How It works


Home Assessment

We initiate assessing your home and your family’s needs to better understand which system suits best for you.

Design & Permitting

Once we have determined your needs, our engineers will complete the final design for your city permits (Varies depending on the city).

Approval & Installation

After the City’s approval, we begin your system installation. Providing you cleaner energy and peace of mind.

Solar Home Back-Up

Enphase Batteries

Even with surging commodity prices increasing manufacturing costs for solar PV, its capacity additions are forecast to grow by 17% in 2021. This will set a new annual record of almost 160 GW. Solar PV alone accounts for 60% of all renewable capacity additions, with almost 1 100 GW becoming operational over the forecast period in our main case, double the rate over the previous five years.

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Generac Generators

Seamlessly integrate a Solar system and Back-Up Battery with a compatible generator when the system goes off grid or when the battery reaches a low level of charge – all without losing power during transition because the generator is part of the system

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