Solar Installations
A PV solar system may be an excellent way for you to instantly cut your monthly bill, and start creating electricity for yourself. Learn more about the different ways we can design, supply, install an
Solar Installs
13,500 kwh
Solar Average annual production
Decrease Solar Prices in the last 5 years
Overview of Solar Installation

PV Solar system allows you to be ecological, renewable and most importantly it remains as a profitable investment for 25 years +

Free energy
Residential Solar Installation.

Solar Energy is the most clean renewable source of energy. Solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert it into AC electricity, which can be used for many different applications.

Solar installations are a rapidly growing part of the economy as more and more people realize the financial, ecological and social benefits of solar power.

Comercial Solar Installation.

Commercial solar installations allow you to harness the power of the sun in a large-scale fashion. This results in greater solar power production and lower energy costs. By providing your company with local, renewable power, you’ll be taking an eco-friendly step towards reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your fiscal bottom line.

Local solar allows you to invest in your community, with no down time for the solar installation or the need for long-distance transmission. A greener future is possible.

How Is Electricity Delivered To Your Home?
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Electricity’s journey begins at the power plant, where energy is generated by harnessing fossil fuels or renewable resources. Fossil fuels - gas, coal, oil - dominate current electricity sources.
Once created, electricity travels through high voltage transmission lines to the different substations where it is needed.
After leaving the substation, electricity travels through distribution lines to your neighborhood where smaller transformers reduce the voltage again for safe power use in your home.
Typical Grid-Related Power Charges
Statistics Since 2001
Solar Systems still dominates renewable energy capacity, Electric rates nearly doubled

Off grid and grid-tied solar energy systems can benefit you and the environment alike, while allowing you to have a steady payment. If solar prices have nearly doubled in the past 20 years, you’ll want a system that will keep pace. Through more efficient construction, our off-grid and grid-tied systems are durable and will save you in the long run.

Statics prediction
Solar PV still dominates renewable energy capacity additions despite rising prices

Electricity prices are projected to rise. This is due to the increase in demand for electricity and the limited supply of natural resources (coal, oil, water). The main cause for this is population growth and advancements in technology that require more energy consumption. (Graph shows a 4% inflation yearly)

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