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Solar energy is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses.


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We are a family business founded in Dallas Tx, committed to the community in providing clean and renewable energy, as well as proposing solutions through it, thus, every day we focus on increasing efficiency and energy savings using Green Energy.

Zolarzo’s main mission is to bring green energy where there is none, through solar photovoltaic energy. We are committed to improving the lifestyle of our customers, as well as the environmental and social protection of our surroundings.


The Vision of the organization is to be a benchmark in the renewable energy sector by being a model of quality and professionalism in the United States.

How to start
6 Steps To Start Producing Your Own Clean Energy with Zolarzo
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Set up a Consultation with one of our Solar Enargy Consultants.
Custom Solar Presentation
Our Solar Specialist will Custom Design your Solar Proposal based on your Family’s needs & provide you with an Educational Presentation.
Solar Program Application
We submit your Solar Program application & Get it Approved!
Final Design and City Permits
Our in house team will work on the final design which will be submitted to the City for Permits.
Solar Installation
The city conducts an inspection to ensure the solar system is up to code. Afterwards the utility provider will schedule a time to actually activate your system.
Solar Activation
Start saving with Solar with Solar Energy now
6 Steps To Start Producing Your Own Clean Energy

Discover Independence Through Utilizing Solar Energy!

Solar is friendly to the environment and your wallet.
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