The care and proper use of renewable energy
Fri May 2022
Renewable Energy

Surely you think that renewable energy, being from nature, does not have any care. However, despite this, it is important to take care of it and make correct use of it, and at the same time optimize energy efficiency.

To reduce the environmental impact that currently affects our planet and fight against climate change, energy efficiency and its care is very important. In this blog we will address the care and good use of renewable energy and encourage users to make sustainable use of energy and avoid its misuse.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the optimization of energy consumption, and at the same time preserving its quality and access to goods and services, that is, using energy efficiently to ensure that energy works for the use we want to give it. , avoiding the decrease or power failures.

It is important to note that energy efficiency is not synonymous with energy savings. The first seeks to prevent energy from being lost or misused through different mechanisms that help optimize consumption. On the other hand, energy saving is associated with times of scarcity, where it is necessary to ration, that is, cut off energy for a period of time and take advantage of it at another time. In general, energy saving seeks to reduce energy consumption, while stopping certain activities, or reducing their frequency.

For the care and good use of renewable energy, it is important to establish certain habits that help optimize its consumption. Here is a list of tips you can implement to achieve proper energy efficiency.

  1. Lighting: it is advisable to use LED bulbs in lamps, spotlights, among others, that you have at home, since they are the most efficient on the market.
  2. Automation in motion zones: It is recommended to install motion detectors in hallways, garages or common areas so that the lights turn on and off automatically.
  3. Reduce use: it is ideal to turn off the electric ones when they are not in use, because in addition to reducing energy consumption, it helps to prolong their useful life.
  4. Renew equipment: when it is necessary to renew appliances, it is advisable to buy those that have the energy efficiency label A +++.
  5. Monitor the temperature of refrigerators: these consume about 30% of the electricity in homes. Because of this it is important to correctly regulate its temperature.
  6. Keep the devices in good condition: cleaning the filters or the dirt that is embedded in the equipment contributes to energy savings.
  7. Turn off your computer: if you are not using it: a device in standby position can represent up to 70% of your daily consumption.
  8. Save water: it is ideal to take a shower instead of bathing and avoid using hot water if it is not necessary. In addition, it is advisable to install volumetric reducers in the shower and aerators in the taps.
  9. Take advantage of sunlight: to use energy efficiently, it is advisable to make the most of natural light in daily activities and thus avoid irrational use of artificial light.
  10. Raise awareness among relatives, friends, colleagues: word of mouth always works. Raising awareness among the closest people, without the need to impose or blame, so that they change their daily habits to be more efficient helps to add to the fight against climate change.

If you apply these tips at home and in your daily life in general, you will make good use of renewable energy. Remember, the fact that this energy is almost unlimited, does not mean that we waste it. For this reason, it is important to make conscious use of it and enjoy its benefits while taking care of the environment.

Why is it important to take care of renewable energy?

As we have mentioned in previous articles, clean and renewable energies help fight climate change and avoid pollution by burning fossil fuels. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to take care of and encourage the use of renewable energies.


Here are some benefits that renewable energy provides.


  • Using renewable energy greatly reduces CO2 emissions and other gasses that contribute to climate change.
  • Renewable energy generation contributes to clean air and pollution reduction
  • Renewable energy keeps the planet’s resources intact.

Zolarzo encourages the care and proper use of renewable energy

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