Zolarzo: Simplified solar investment
Sat May 2022
About Zolarzo

Who are we?


Zolarzo is a family-owned solar energy company committed to homeowners who want clean energy from the sun and energy efficiency.


Solar energy does not harm the environment and allows you to save a lot of money compared to other types of energy. Therefore, our job is to empower their homes, offering them the best benefits that can be generated with our services.


At Zolarzo, a solar energy company in Dallas, TX, we have highly qualified personnel that will provide you with the best care during the provision of our services. 



At Zolarzo we want to expand to every corner of the state of Texas, in order to provide many homes with the opportunity to enjoy clean and friendly energy at a low cost.


For our solar energy company, it is very important to be an example to the world of the importance of offering friendly and non-polluting energy options for our planet. In addition, it is easily accessible to everyone, because the sun is always everywhere, thus being a favorable option for everyone.




As a solar energy company it is important to provide greater accessibility to our services. Therefore, we want to help more households improve their lifestyle and finances through the use of photovoltaic energy. 


In the long term, we hope to generate greater community participation and encourage them to use clean and renewable energies that do not pollute the environment.


Another of our important goals is to generate jobs in our company. Therefore, expanding throughout the state of Texas will allow us to offer more job offers.


Why prefer us?


  • We are a solar energy company with 7 years of experience in the market. For this reason, we can offer you a quality service aimed at saving and energy efficiency.
  • We have brought energy to more than 300 homes, who enjoy it at a low cost and that is friendly to the environment.
  • Our staff is highly qualified to offer you the care you deserve.
  • In the average home in the US we have incentivized solar savings of $25,000.
  • We offer personalized budgets based on the needs of your home.


Do you want to start generating solar energy?

If you are interested in our services, it is important that you follow the following steps in order to start enjoying the benefits that solar energy can offer you.


  • Contact us: to offer you our services in a personalized way, it is important to schedule an appointment with our solar energy consultants.
  • Personalized Solar Presentation: To provide you with greater energy efficiency, our solar energy specialists will design a personalized and educational proposal based on your needs.
  • Solar Program Application: We take care of submitting your solar program application and we approve it.
  • Final design and city permits: our qualified personnel will work on the final design to later be sent to the city and obtain the necessary permits for the installation.
  • Installation: In order to provide quality service, the City will conduct an inspection to ensure that the solar system meets codes and quality standards. The utility provider will then schedule a time to activate the system.
  • Activation: Enjoy the benefits of solar energy with Zolarzo! 

Let’s help take care of the planet

Every day there are thousands of polluting agents that affect our planet due to polluting energy sources. This is where we come into action and give many homes the opportunity to make use of clean and renewable energy such as that which comes from the sun.

Financing the installation cost is one of our fundamental bases to generate confidence in our future clients and thus encourage the use of solar energy that does not pollute our planet.

Be part of the change! At Zolarzo we are waiting for you to be part of this family. Contact us!