Benefits of renewable energy
Fri May 2022

Surely at some point you have heard about renewable energy and how beneficial its use is for the environment. However, if you don’t know about it, in this post we will explain in depth about it, its benefits and more.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energies are those in which their power source is based on the use of inexhaustible natural resources such as energy from the sun, wind or water.

This type of energy represents a friendly alternative to the environment compared to fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment due to the emission of greenhouse gasses to the ozone layer.

Using renewable energy is of vital importance to avoid pollution and climate change that our planet currently suffers, since they are a source of clean energy, or also called green energy.

This type of renewable energy is obtained from the constant or repetitive currents of energy that are generated in the natural environment and includes technologies with low carbon emissions, such as solar, hydroelectric, wind, tidal, wave and ocean thermal energy, as well as renewable fuels such as biomass.

We have already explained what renewable energy is and we have given you an example of it. But what are its benefits? We explain them below.

Benefits of renewable energy

Promote self-consumption: produce the energy that you are going to consume. Therefore, you save money on electricity costs.
They help avoid climate change: because renewable energy is of natural origin, it will not cause damage to the environment as is the case with fossil fuels. In this way you fight against climate change while enjoying sustainable energy.
Free and inexhaustible energy: being of natural origin, in most cases you will enjoy free or low-cost energy that will never run out.


Although the panorama of renewable energy is very positive due to its benefits for the environment and human beings, there are some factors to consider if you want to opt for the use of this source as the main resource of consumption.

Depending on natural physical phenomena, there are no permanent intervals for its production.
In cities it can be a disadvantage if there are not adequate conditions in structures and buildings for the use of renewable energies. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate with a technical team the best options that do not affect the infrastructure of the place.

What types of renewable energy exist?

Here is a list of the types of renewable energy that exist and their various applications.

  • Solar energy: its source is the sun and it is transformed through photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. Its main applications are in electricity, heating and cooling.
  • Wind energy: its source is the wind and it is obtained by means of wind turbines. Its main application is in electricity.
  • Hydroelectric energy: its power source is water, energy is obtained through hydroelectric plants. Its main application is in electricity.
  • Geothermal energy: its source is the heat from the interior of the earth and is obtained through surface geothermal systems and heat pumps. Its main applications are in electricity, heating and cooling.
  • Bioenergy: its source is biomass and it is obtained through the combustion of biomass, biogas plants and biofuels. Its main applications are in electricity, heating, cooling and transportation.

Committed to the environment

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